Eplegaarden in 2014

Badger Football Ticket Drawings

          On each Sunday in September,  we will have a drawing for

             2 football tickets to be given away.  Stop by the orchard for details.

Labor Day Weekend Fun - Open Sat., Sun., & Mon.

            Ole Fashioned Ice Cream Social with FREE ice cream.

Horse Drawn Hayrides

            On weekends we will have  horse drawn hayrides  around

            da orchard and pumpkin patch for your pleasure from 11:00 – 4:00.

Halloween Fun

          Through out September and October we celebrate Halloween with haunted decorations,

             pumpkin plukkin, Harold Potterson’s Hallowed Haunts Sat.& Sun.  in Oct. and

            Harried Hunts, old barn loft and silo possibly haunted, and fun activities for kids of all ages.                      

Harold Potterson’s Hallowed  Haunts and Harried Hunts for little Wizards and Trolls

 Back again, a self guided playground for families with kids 10 years and younger, and der parents

 (no entrance wit out muggles).  Open weekends  in Oct.  Harold Potterson is da little cuzzin of

 da famess vizard from Yolly ole England.

Scaretroll Making Contest - Dates to be determined. Get your family and/or friends together

            for a fun day of creating a troll. Come to the orchard for details and sign up in Sept.

Folk Music under da Apple Trees

            Returning by popular demand.  Saturday & Sunday afternoons Sept. 7 - Oct. 12, 2014,

            from 1:00-4:00, great folk music all over da orchard.

Da Trolls

            Dave Watson of Watson’s Woods in the Wis. Dells, a chainsaw wood carver, created

             a family of trolls for the orchard in 2007.  Come say hi to our family of trolls.






                         FOLK MUSIC




                               SUNDAY AFTERNOON

          1:00- 4:00 PM


Sept. 7        Down from the Hills


Sept. 14      Buttons and Banjo


Sept. 21


Sept. 28      Buttons and Banjo


Oct.  5        Buttons and Banjo


Oct.  12      Down from the Hills





    Harold Potterson’s Hallowed

         Haunts Playground

                      for little wizards & trolls  (10 & under)

                        at Eplegaarden

                     2227 Fitchburg Rd, Fitchburg, WI


Don’t be late!  The railroad  station’s  open

Saturday  & Sunday,  11:00 am – 4:00 pm


        -   special stops at the sorting  hat,  castle,  the magic                                                               

-        mirrors (new),  quidditch field,   dinasaur dig,  amazing maize,                                                    

-        enchanted forest ,  black  tunnel, &  other fun, scary places.

-        And a free snitch for da wizards


                   Tickets:  Wizards (Children)  $_____                                                                                                                                                 Muggles  (Adults)    $________


An overwhelming, magical success in 2002 - 2013                             

    Don’t be da only wizard or muggle to miss it  

        Wizard & witch costumes encouraged.






Group Tours

Pre-scheduled school tours are very popular at da orchard. 1000's of children visit Eplegaarden in groups each summer and fall. An organized tour of 1- 1 ¼ hours of presentation and hands on experiences and includes velkommen, background of orchard, hayride to the orchard , information handout for teachers and actual experience of plukkin and gradin apples. Minimum of first grade is required.  We will need to charge for the produce and other items.  Tours will be given on Tuesdays and Wednesdays by appointment only. If you wish to have a snack or lunch at the orchard, please remember all garbage must be taken with you when you leave.

Preschool, nursery, daycare, head start groups, etc. have found Eplegaarden to be a fun place for a self organized, self conducted tour or group activity. Groups must register at the store prior to picnicking, receive written  requirements, and verbal instructions for apple plukkin and prepay for apples prior to entering the orchard. All garbage must be taken back home with the group. No charge per child except for cost of produce (apples, pumpkins, raspberries) plukked, unless you would like to reserve the picnic shelter or barn which have a rental fee. Note: Consider having each child brings a small bag with their name on it, which can be placed in our larger apple plukkin bags.  For pumpkins, leader should bring a marker for putting names on pumpkins.

Keeping children under control is expected of teachers and parents to insure safety and enjoyment of all. We have many picnic tables for your enjoyment. Please bring a trash bag and take any trash back with you generated from snacks, etc.

Travel Tours have found the orchard to be a vonderful stop in the Madison area.


Birthday parties, church picnics, business picnics, wedding receptions and anniversaries, and other events have been held at Eplegaarden. Call or better yet come out to the orchard to find available times, space and prices.

Two new picnic shelters and hayloft in barn available for rent.

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